Sep 28, 2009

Life on the Farm

Its been a long hot relaxing summer in Catalonia, sleeping, doing the garden, sleeping, eating, sleeping, its definately nothing like a British summer. We went on a bit of a trip to France for a week but decided to head back to Spain as we wanted to stay at home and not in the van (weak I know). We were also quite motivated to begin our mini farm....chickens, rabbits, fruit, vegetables, nuts etc, fresh eggs every day are definately good for recovery.

We have spent the last month climbing lots, taking advantage of the slightly cooler weather. Ive been trying Les Inconformistes again and im really enjoying that. Ive not tried it in the last couple of weeks due to a finger slicing incident but am keen to get back on it tomorrow. Since we started back work a couple of weeks ago we have also been going to Margalef and Disblia, not so easy to go to Rodellar and be at work for 4.30!!! At Disblia I managed to do a really short 8b+ called Guilty, super bouldery with the crux over only a few bolts. I then surprised myself by doing an 8C link up of an 8a+ into the route Perpetua, only just managing to clip the chains!! At Margalef ive had a few goes on an 8C there called L'espiadimonis. Ive never really climbed on pockets before, a different style to what im used to but im definately psyched to spend a bit of time there over the next few months.

Alan Cassidy is also out living with us now. He is definately motivated, wanting to do every route in Catalonia! A couple of weeks ago he managed to do Pata Negra, 8C in Rodellar achieving his lifetime climbing goal. (check out his blog)