Dec 15, 2012

Catalunya Days

So those crisp winter days are upon us, fresh cold air and mint conditions on the rock. The last couple of weeks have been awesome, I have spent some really great days at Santa Linya cave sessioning Seleccio Natural with good friend Joe Kinder.
The route itself is majestic one of the best, untravelled to say the least,  Joe and I have had some frustrating hold snapping incidences, and have definately left the route harder than before.
Lowering off Seleccio Natural

 Trying a hard route with Joe is great fun, he brings so much energy to the crag it's crazy, when he's not trying to send the route he's investigating and bolting a new extension. It's been really cool to compare and learn from different climbing styles and approaches, enjoying the same route is something new to me and is something I've been missing out on. Don't get me wrong trying projects on your own and working out your own ways feels so wholesome but having a laugh, belaying each other on the same project is really cool, I feel the most relaxed I have ever felt whilst projecting a route. Psyched to get out there tomorrow and give it a go!
Joe chatting beta

Chris and Primo



Primo on fabela 8c+

Another perfect Catalunya winter, wouldn't want to be anywhere else!!

The other current project Lynne and I have is a house!!! We have got a place 30 min from Margalef and 30 min from Siurana!!! Basically more climbing than you can shake a stick at so really psyched to put some work in and get it the way that we want it...