Mar 28, 2012

Margalef, a climber's paradise

What do we look for as climbers from the perfect crag?
Routes of all grades? Amazing views? Both north and south facing crags? Fast drying routes and places to climb in the rain?
Well with these criteria in mind my place of choice has to be Margalef....... it´s amazing in some ways it´s completely overwhelming, the number of crags and the possibilities for future crags, just blows your mind.

Lynne and I have been making the journey down there for the weekends for the last couple of weeks and have been exploring the newer sectors of La coma closa ( home to the famous super route of Era Bella) and la catedral. These are some new shadey sectors for when the weather is a little warm and they are absoloutely world CLASS!!!

I´ve had a couple of runs up the mega test piece Era Bella 9a, which is amazing, so psyched to try this one this weekend!!!