Jan 3, 2010

The Next Decade of Climbing!!! Venga Vichos!!!

....Ok, so.... ive not been very good with keeping the blog upto date but im going to try a bit harder and make time which is not so easy when im working and going climbing and dont have internet but motivated to make an effort this decade! :)

Before christmas I was climbing a lot in Santa Linya. I was really motivated for a route called Fuck the System, a long 9A that is the extension to the classic 8C Digital System. I tried it quite a lot and fell off the last move!! Im pretty psyched to get this route done as soon as the cave dries up. Alan also managed to do his project in the cave, an 8C called Favelita before he headed back to Scotland for Christmas. Lynne was also pleased to do Devora Hombres, the short and powerful 7C+ in the back of the cave.