Jul 19, 2013


Back to the UK and Back training !!!!
Training at the mega wall- The Depot Leeds

So after a long lay off healing my back in the spanish sun I'm back to theUk ( which is suprisingly sunny at the mo) and back training. I know its sick to say but i'm loving training, climbing is great fun whether its on rock or plastic and I have missed it deeply!!!

I'm based in Edinburgh at the mo and am mega psyched to explore more of Scotland and check out Reiff and Torridon in the next week or so..

Mr Beastmaker on Malc's arete Torridon

Last week I was at the Outdoor Show in Friedrichschafen, Germany checking out all the new amazing kit on offer,  I was there with Edelrid and have to admit I'm really impressed with the innovative new kit they have released, can't wait to get my hands on it.

Prize winning "Product of the year" Snipe rope

 Dual thickness the first 7m are 10mm and the rest are 9.8 which is amazing for sport climbers as the ends of the rope ie the bit we trash first is more hard wearing. This is a must for any sport climber.
Prize winning harness Orion

The comfiest climbing harness in the world and still super light. Psyched on this especially to take care of my back.