May 25, 2014

Era Vella 9a

Era vella 9a, pic Said Belhaj
 Era Vella 9a, well psyched!

This route has been in the back of my mind for a long while, it is a mega route, truly world class.
Getting back to this level really feels like a big milestone and has made me more psyched than ever to try hard and keep pushing myself to try and achieve my climbing goals. Injuries can really mess with your head, but you can also learn so much from them and hurting my back made me realise that I wasn't indestructible that you have to take care of yourself and respect your limitations.

A few days before doing Era vella,I also redpointed  Victimas del passat r1 a mega route on one of the finest looking walls in Margalef, bouldery and explosive power endurance climbing, one of the best 8c's ive done and probably the hardest!

Victimas del Passat r1 8c ,pic Lynne Malcolm