Mar 28, 2010

Clipcicles, Open your mind and Margalef

Here are a few pics depicting the last months episode, mal tiempo y buen tiempo.
So it started with clipicicles and snow AGAIN, climbing down at the cave in down jackets, hats and thermals. Doesn't sound like what you would expect from Spain in march, does it??!!!
Well anyway, I had a great start to the month, managed to do the super classic open your mind 8c+ and then the following day El ball de triceps 8b at margalef which was my first 8b flash, thanks to Alan for the well needed beta.
Lynne had a pretty good couple of weeks making short work of airline 7b+ and la gorra 7b+ at margalef.
Alan crushed Rollito extension 8c (his third now) before a brief return to the motherland!!
Anyway we are all now on to the next set of projects, but are all waiting for some sun to dry the slimey tufas a bit!
Alan is attacking open your mind 8c+ and making fast progress with this power endurance test piece. Lynne is getting closer to the trio ternura 8a, but the crappy conditions of the last month have left crucial holds disgustingly wet .And i'm trying to push myself on to the next level , Open your mind direct , its amazing how easily your lifetime goals change!