Jun 20, 2011

3 days to go!!!

Well, its HOT!!!!!!! So, we have been doing a bit of climbing at La Pizarra and sector Regina in the Terradets valley, which are the most shaded spots around, the only problem is that it has still been 28 degrees in the shade. Sweat and greasiness are at maximum levels, its a bit of a shame because these two sectors are truely amazing. I will definately be spending more time at these crags when we return from our summer ADVENTURE!!

With it being so hot this weekend we couldnt be bothered sweating our way up routes so we decided to go and do the via ferrata in Oliana which I must say is pretty spectacular, looking down on eagles swooping across the crags is really quite stunning.

On Sunday we went to Cavallers, a high mountain crag that is filled with granite. Cavallers is about 2 hours from our place in Santa Linya and as you arrive there you can feel the difference in the air, when you stick your hand out the window of the car you dont get the hair drier effec you do near ours. the scenery is reminiscent of Switzerland or Austria and grazing cows wander around the boulders in the lush valley meadow. Well, we didnt go for the sport or the trad routes, we went bouldering. At the base of the valley there is a beautiful stream that is surrounded by boulders and bordered by a thick pine forest. The boulders range from easy gentle slabs to impossible looking overhangs. This is somewhere we will definately be revisiting. The only problem with Cavallers is that there is no real topo, the good thing about it is that if you are psyched and you want to be the first to do new problems, there are thousands of new potential problems, just dont forget your brush to get the moss off the virgin boulders!!!!!

Well with 3 more days and then we are off on our summer trip, so psyched now, its just so difficult to decide where to go first!!!

And thanks again to FIVE TEN and EDELRID for there continued support.

Jun 8, 2011

Better late than never

Ive finally figured out to post a link!!! Thanks again to Joe and Colette for the video of Ciudad del Dios in the Santa Linya cave.


Only 2 weeks to go here before heading off for the summer, 2 months for climbing, climbing and trying to stop Harry scaring people.