May 26, 2009

Its been a busy few weeks since the last blog, work, climbing and the new pooch Dillan. As St Linya is still closed I have been climbing at Disblia, a sector with many old, hard, classic routes and an old training ground for Spanish WADS. This week I managed to do Cadena Perpetua, 8C. Psyched to do it, as it has only had a couple of other ascents. Pete O'Donovan has also been out a couple of days with us taking pictures and keeping the dogs under control!!! Thanks for the pics.

Saturday was the first visit of the year to Rodellar. We went with Pete, Angels and met up with Dani and Andrea. Its such a cool place with endless amounts of amazing routes. I watched Dani try a new project at Ventanas next to Los Borrachos, totally insane!!! Psyched to get back there, probably this weekend because Lynne doesnt want to go anywhere else!!!

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