Apr 6, 2010

Open your mind direct R1 9a

Well arriving at the crag on what was meant to be a rest day due to sore skin, back etc Alan and I sat around heckling and soaking up the sun; well as I said I wasn't going to climb but with the motivational energy flowing from what is "team scotland" and the young Jonny Stocking crushing Rollito Sharma 8b+, I was psyched up for my own proyecto!

After a couple of familiar boulder problems at the base of the crag to warm up, and waiting for the good conditions to arrive I found myself clipping the chains. Looking up at the extension shaking out I wanted to continue but looking at the soaking tufa holds I knew that it would have to wait for another day.Lowering off pumped but not completely destroyed I am even more determined than ever to push myself on to the next level. When it drys out i'll be going for the 9a+ chains.

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