May 3, 2011

Casa Santa Linya, life in Spain.

Well, so far this year Lynne and I have had loads of friends staying at the house which has been awesome,too many names to mention them all.

I think it's always great for the motivation to have psyched people around you I feel it really helps to get you psyched to try hard.

Here are a few photos of recent activities here in Catalunya.

Alex (the hulk) Barrows walking to the gorge at Mont rebei, with myself and Ross Kirkland.

Elly (the dutchess) chilling on the sofa.

The team having a late night workout on La Rambla.

Ummmmm??Which way to the car?

Well, anyway I've been trying Catxasa loads and have fallen at the top 4 times now. Hopefully the weather will cool a little bit, I will rapidly grow some new skin and be feeling good for tomorrows redpoint.

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