Sep 26, 2011

Desplomat- 2011 Les Avellanes

Pablito, busting out a backflip.


Xavi, swimming in climbing shoes.

Sunday was spent chilling out in the sunshine flying off the wall into the pool!

What more could you want?

The final of the boulder comp on Saturday night was really good fun, amazing problems, with a late finish even by Spanish standards we finished at 3:30 am! The party went on to the 9 the next morning.

Diego Marsella having a think about the moves on one of the problems in the final.

Alex taking down one of the final problems.

Chris mantelling out the volume on prob 5.

Me catching the swinging balls, awesome problem.

Great atmosphere for the final.

The one and only Andoni Perez, comentator extrordinaire.

Mid comp refreshments.

Lynne crushing the blocs.

Desplomat at the weekend was a great success. Loads of people turned up for the boulder comp, which had a really great and friendly atmosphere. The problems were super interesting and well set, it definately felt a bit unusual for me and was great training (battering) doing dynos and loads of funky moves that you don´t normally do when your tied onto the end of a rope.

The Desplomat event was all about raising awareness about the climbing areas around Santa Linya to show how important it is to local climbers and from the rest of the world. As you may know the climbing situation in Santa Linya has been a bit difficult in the recent past. I think that this event will have helped hugely in showing the local government and other people just how important the climbing in this area really is and help to keep areas like Santa Linya open.

Congratualtions to all the guys from Les Avellanes for putting together such a great event and also a big thankyou to Victor Fernandez, the ringleader of the whole thing.

Last but by no means least I´d like to say a massive thankyou to my new Sponsor :

They are a super innovative company that truly appreciate the dedication and sacrifices that have to be made by top level climbers.
With their support I feel a new confidence and motivation that I can achieve my climbing ambitions.

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