Feb 24, 2010

Its purrrrrfect!!!!!

Direct Fabelita 9a , my very own link up at the cave!!!!!!!

Soo psyched, after falling on the last move the other weekend and then a week of crappy weather i thought it was going to be another 9a which i have fallen off the last move and not done!!!
Well, it didn´t start all that amazing today, we went down to the crag not expecting much after a storm yesterday and torrential downpour , to find the crag more or less dry. The sun was out and a strong wind was whipping round the cave making it feel crisp and cool. After 3 miserable attempts falling at the same spot, a really bouldery sequence, in the lower part and time to go to work approaching, i was ready to call it a day. However a japanese friend of mine whose name i cannot begin to spell gave an amazing display managing to do his first 8c+, today is his last day in spain after a long trip and he was super psyched, this Psyched me up to give it that one last "TRAINING GO" and that was it, somehow even though i felt tired before i started it was just one of those attempts when everything feels right !!!!

Now I need to get back to some unfinished bussiness ie Fuck the System ( when its dry that is).

Thanks to Lynne for going to the cave All the time!! Thanks to Alan too for the superb victory belay!!!!

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